DIY Hanging Tissue Pom Poms Video Tutorial


Fair warning, these are easy to make but take longer than you might expect…especially when you’re making over 20 of them. BUT, they are a super fun and cheap way to bring the party to your living room. I wanted various colors, shapes and lengths to create depth, but you can really make them however you want!


  • Tissue paper stack cut in half (10 sheets per pom pom)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Place 10 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other. Cut in half. I tried a couple ways of cutting them – in half and 2/3 to 1/3 to create one big and one small. Small ones are hardest to make and the large ones droop too much for my tastes.
  2. Fold like an accordion with 1 /2 inch of space in between – backwards and forwards.
  3. Once completely folded up, cut the edges – you can either round the tips or cut into a V.
  4. Cut a long piece of ribbon and tie one end in a knot around the center of the folded up tissue accordion. This keeps everything in place but also gives you something to hang the pom pom up with.
  5. Pull one side of the accordion open like a fan and lay it flat on the ground.
  6. Carefully unfold and fluff each piece of tissue so it forms a ball.
  7. Once each piece is pulled apart, you can pull pieces towards and away from the string and the other tissue as needed.


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DIY Copper Vases Using Beer & Wine Bottles

So, I’m obsessed with copper. And beer & wine.

Old bottles + copper paint = rustic sophistication.

I made these vases for our engagement party a couple weeks ago and even keep them to use in the future since they turned out so well.



  • Beer and wine bottles
  • Metallic copper spray paint
  • Matte finish protective spray
  • Wild flowers


  1. Peel off wine and beer labels
  2. Scrape off the leftovers by soaking in warm water
  3. Spray with copper spray paint and let dry
  4. Spray with matte finish to keep from chipping


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DIY Shabby Chic Furniture: How to make a dresser look distressed

My grandma gave me this dresser when I moved into my first apartment in college. After two good years of use, I decided to update it when I moved to San Diego. I was really into the whole “shabby chic” thing at the time so my roommate and I wanted to try out the look and extend it throughout our apartment.

I unfortunately did not take a photo of this dresser beforehand, but it was a dark amber wood and looked very 70s. Tying it in with the shabby chic theme was relatively easy – just a white coat of primer and then a shade of gray on top.


To get the antique look, paint a section and then use the brush backwards to pull out some of the white. So, instead of just painting left to right with the bristles pointing to the left, keep the bristles facing left and push the brush right to left. This gives the paint a distressed look.


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DIY Summer Floral Wreath


Using the same process as I did for my Fall Wreath, I went for warm pinks and oranges in this summer wreath.

Supplies Needed:

  • Styrofoam floral wreath
  • Faux flowers (look for sales at Michael’s to get up to 75% off)
    • You’ll need a good sized bouquet full
  • Wire cutters


1. Cut your flower stem about 1/2 inch from the flower to you have enough to go into the Styrofoam.


2. Arrange your flowers around the outside of the Styrofoam to get a sense for where you want everything. Begin by sticking the short stems into the foam. Place the flowers close together so the wreath looks full.

3. Make sure the side and outside of the foam is covered. You may need to arrange the flowers slightly by sticking the stems in at a different angle.


4. I chose to highlight a large orange flower by placing it at the top. You can choose ribbon, a bow or nothing, depending on your preference.

5. Hang it loud and proud for everyone to see!

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Cheers Claudette 2