Engaged: Chelsea & Chris

Meet Chelsea and Chris. This adorable couple met in Vegas, Chelsea’s hometown, when Chris was visiting with friends. It must have been a whirlwind of a weekend because Chelsea followed Chris all the way back to Nebraska just two months after!

Three years later, they moved out to Pacific Beach in San Diego and now live in Escondido, where they have taken on the huge task of completely remodeling their first home. And by remodel, I mean totally gutted, new rooms, etc. All. By. Themselves. While most of us would want to kill our significant other by month three of RENO, they are even more in love.

They rock and it certainly shows. Here are a few of my favorites from their shoot in La Jolla Cove.

IMGP5836IMGP6487 IMGP5918IMGP6017IMGP5867IMGP6041IMGP6224IMGP6679 IMGP6079 IMGP6119IMGP6797IMGP6232IMGP5946IMGP5911 IMGP6449IMGP6526 IMGP6628IMGP5996IMGP6720IMGP6807IMGP6164

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